3 Reasons Withdrawals With Pay by Phone Are Impractical at Fast Paying Casinos

Pay By Phone Withdrawals

Pay by Phone casinos in the UK that let you cash out fast are popular among players who value quick, easy and convenient ways to fund their accounts.

This payment method allows players to deposit funds using just their phone numbers. The charges are either added to their phone bill or deducted from their prepaid balance. The method is known as ‘Direct Carrier Billing.’

However, there's one major drawback – Pay by Phone doesn't support withdrawals. Even at the fastest withdrawal casinos in the UK, you cannot use this payment method to cash out.

There are several reasons withdrawing funds through Pay by Phone at UK online casinos is impractical and hence, not possible. In this article, we will explore the three key reasons behind the impracticality.

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Reason 1: No Bank Account or E-Wallet Integration

A phone bill or prepaid credit is neither an e-wallet nor a bank account. It’s not even a traditional prepaid voucher and does not resemble financial institutions like we typically know them either. It primarily serves as a billing mechanism for mobile phone services.

A phone bill is a printed or digital statement in writing that contains details about the money due for a certain purchase (in this case, telecom services) that has already been made.

A prepaid phone credit, on the other hand, is just an acknowledgment of the money you paid in advance to be able to use those telecom services in the future.

Tacking on your casino winnings to either means letting your money hit a dead end. You cannot transfer it to your bank account or e-wallet.

If you tack the money onto your phone bill, it will most definitely show up as extra money paid in advance and would keep getting deducted with each phone bill generated at the end of the month.

If you tack it onto your phone’s prepaid balance, you will just have an additional balance to buy services. In both situations, the money will remain confined to your mobile phone system.

You would be restricted from accessing your casino winnings for other purposes or transactions unless it can be done the Pay by Phone way.

Also, this money would earn no interest like it would if you kept it in your bank account. And withdrawing your funds in cash – that’s certainly never happening!

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Reason 2: Complicated Financial Management

Withdrawals via Pay By Phone can never offer you a streamlined process for consolidating winnings and managing your finances effectively. You may find it challenging to track casino-related expenses separately from your regular phone expenses.

This lack of financial separation can lead to confusion and difficulty in maintaining a clear overview of your spending habits and controlling the same. Subsequently, the lack of clarity can easily result in overspending and make it difficult for you to have a healthy financial balance.

Please keep in mind that budgeting is an essential aspect of responsible gambling. Without a consolidated view of winnings, it becomes complicated to gauge the net outcome of your casino gameplay and plan your budget accordingly. In short, your financial stability would be put at risk.

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Reason 3: Limitation on Transaction Sizes

When utilising the Pay by Phone method for deposits, it's important to note that there are restrictions on the amounts you can add to your casino account. Daily or monthly limits are in place, limiting the size of your transactions.

While this can be convenient for smaller transactions, it poses challenges when it comes to larger transactions in the casino. If you intend to make such transactions, you'll need to rely on an alternative banking method.

Even if your accumulated winnings are added to your phone bill or prepaid credit, it's crucial to understand that your funds cannot be used for transactions beyond the set limit. Therefore, you'll find yourself restricted in terms of spending power and unable to make larger purchases or wagers.

As a result, you will eventually look for an alternate banking method to get your winnings, which you do anyway now when depositing via Pay by Phone.

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So How Do You Cash Out Your Winnings? 

The most common method for cashing out casino winnings after depositing with Pay by Phone is via a bank transfer. In fact, most fast paying casinos will ask you to withdraw via this route when you use any deposit method that doesn't allow withdrawals.

This is because a bank account has a higher form of KYC protocols compared to other banking methods such as e-wallets. It is also a safer way to send and receive money and doesn’t come with the risks associated with fake accounts. Casinos prefer it because of this reliability, security, and trustworthiness.

However, a bank transfer isn't the fastest withdrawal option out there regardless of a casino's speed of processing withdrawal requests. So, even with the fastest-paying casinos, you can expect to meet your money within 5 working days.

To receive your money faster, you can ask customer support if you’re allowed to cash out via an e-Wallet such as Skrill or PayPal. In many cases, this would not be a problem as long as you make a minimum deposit with the e-Wallet and can prove that you’re the owner of it. 


To conclude, while Pay by Phone can be fantastic for making casino deposits, withdrawing funds through this method proves to be impractical, which is why it is unavailable for cashouts.

The lack of integration with bank accounts or e-wallets restricts the transfer of winnings, confining them within the mobile phone system and limiting their use for most other transactions.

Moreover, the complexity of financial management arises from the inability to separate casino-related expenses from regular phone expenses, leading to confusion and consequently hindering responsible gambling practices.

Additionally, the limitations on transaction sizes pose challenges for larger transactions within the casino, necessitating the exploration of alternative banking methods that offer more flexibility for both deposits and withdrawals.

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