Why iGTech Slots Are Available in Aussie Casinos but Not in UKGC Sites

iGTech Slots Are Available in Aussie Casinos but Not in UKGC Sites

A strategic choice amid regulatory hurdles or a gambit?

New slot providers always spark excitement in the iGaming industry.

But iGTech (not to be confused with IGT) thrives quietly in Australia, eluding the UKGC spotlight.

This target market preference seems weird at first glance given the provider's limited game range and low-key presence.

At this point, the company should have craved maximum exposure by breaking into the most lucrative iGaming markets around the globe.

Sure, its choice of Australia makes sense because as the BBC says, the country has less than 0.5% of the world's population, but homes a fifth of its slots, lovingly dubbed ‘pokies.'

Locally licensed online casinos are illegal here, but Australia is undeniably a hotbed for slot gamers.

However, if we go by UKGC stats, the United Kingdom is an equally bustling market for slot gambling, which iGTech seems to have intentionally left untapped.

Here's proof:

Graph over GGY for different casino games at UKGC online casinos

But as much as this avoidance appears counter-intuitive, it's a well-planned move!

We'll tell you why.

To scratch the surface…

iGTech Doesn't Have a UKGC License (Yet)

For any game provider to offer their product line at UKGC-licensed casinos, they must have a license from the Gambling Commission as well.

Currently, iGTech doesn't have one.

This locks them out of the growing market in the UK, but also solves multiple problems for the company that seems small-scale for now:

  • Cost Savings: by avoiding the licensing process and fees, the provider can dedicate resources to other areas of business, such as game innovation and market expansion.
  • Flexibility: without being bound by strict UKGC regulations, iGTech has the freedom to present its games as intended, without any restriction on the features.
  • Strategic Focus: instead of spreading resources thin across multiple jurisdictions, the provider can work towards strengthening their presence in Australia, where it has already established a strong foothold.
  • Risk Mitigation: by not being subject to UKGC licensing, iGTech can reduce regulatory risks and potential legal liabilities.

These reasons make perfect sense for an iGaming developer who doesn't even own a website for their portfolio to avoid the UK market.

You would buy this argument until you realise…

iGTech Could be Part of Pragmatic Play

Now, this is where things get intriguing!

Pragmatic Play hasn't officially acknowledged the association.

Yet, if you've ever played iGTech slots, you'll notice an unmistakable resemblance to Pragmatic Play's signature style—from themes to graphics, features, mechanics, paytables, RTP, volatility, and even down to game names!

Consider these iGTech slots that are a clone of Pragmatic Play slots:

  • Amazing Kong (similar to Mighty Kong)
  • Aztec Eclipse (similar to Aztec Blaze)
  • Wolf Treasure (similar to Wolf Gold)
  • Caishen’s Fortune (similar to Caishen's Gold)
  • Aladdin (similar to Aladdin's Treasure)
  • Candy Rush (similar to Candy Stars)
  • Egyptian Tales (similar to Tales of Egypt)
  • Wild Diamond (similar to Diamond Strike)
  • Hercules (similar to Hercules Son of Zeus)
  • Money Train (similar to Gold Train)
  • Genie Gone Wild (similar to 3 Genie Wishes)
  • Queen and the Dragons (similar to Dragon Kingdom)
  • 3 Kings (similar to 3 Kingdoms – Battle of Red Cliffs)
  • Queen of the Sea (similar to Queen of Atlantis)
  • Golden Queen (similar to Queen of Gold)

The Wolf Treasure game merits special attention because it has managed to gain significant traction in Australia, echoing the global appeal of Pragmatic Play's Wolf Gold slot.

To rephrase, iGTech could be Pragmatic Play in disguise.

The need for this unlicensed, clone-pumping, spin-off company probably stems from the inaccessibility of Pragmatic Play games across regions, including Australia.

We sensed this while reading discussions on online forums where Aussie gamblers seem to have happily accepted iGTech slots in lieu of Pragmatic Play slots.

Comment about pragmatic play and igtech slots

Now, Pragmatic Play games appearing under different brand names isn't new.

The saga began in 2015 when the provider reportedly bought assets from another casino software provider called TopGame, which was already muddled in controversies.

The latter was notorious for its offences, from games with questionable fairness to casinos with stingy payouts and vanishing jackpot pools.

Industry observers went as far as alleging that Pragmatic Play's sudden emergence was merely a rebranding of TopGame.

But despite speculations Pragmatic Play went on to develop top-tier casino games, snagged licenses from reputed regulators around the world, including the UKGC, and won multiple awards.

However, a couple of years later all of TopGame's slots disappeared from Pragmatic Play's portfolio only to reappear in a new company called Octopus Gaming.

Interestingly, these titles also made their way back into a number of controversial casinos linked to TopGame.

comment about pragmatic play and octopus gaming

Octopus Gaming's licensing remains a mystery, and Pragmatic Play never accepted ownership of the company in public—much like it doesn't for iGTech.

So, we won't be surprised if one fine day iGTech goes defunct like Octopus Gaming and TopGame.

This feels more like a business strategy devised for the short run with minimized attention and maximized gain.

Who would ever want to risk seeking a license when staying low-profile gets the job done?

However, this strategy can take a slot provider to Australia, but never to the UK.

Ergo, we'll never find iGTech slots at UKGC casinos.

Why UK Players Are Better Off Without iGTech Slots

When you have the original thing, why cry over a dupe?

That's the reasoning we'd like to present to our patrons at fast withdrawal casinos.

You can access the top Pragmatic Play slots in the UK; you don't need to bet your money on derived games with altered names.

There's no way to tell if these games are fair.

No one regulates them. No one audits them. No one has any solid information about them other than the text in the information section of the gaming interface.

That's certainly not enough to build trust.

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