How To Cash Out From a Fast Withdrawal Casino in the UK in 8 Easy Steps


What is it like to cash out your funds from UKGC-licensed fast withdrawal casinos? Is the process any different from that of quick-paying casinos licensed in other jurisdictions? Is it similar to that of regular UKGC casinos that don’t pay out as fast? Let’s find out!

Every fast payout casino in the UK aims to enable the speediest cashout times. To achieve this, they want to make the process of withdrawals as seamless as possible. But depending on the gambling regulator, the rules for withdrawals which they have to abide by may vary.

Despite this, the withdrawal process at fastpay casinos is generally similar, with minor variations. In fact, it's not vastly different from regular casinos that don't pay out as fast either. But the UKGC’s rules regarding withdrawals are on another level altogether.

Before we get there, here are the 8 steps to request withdrawals at a quick-paying casino licensed by the UK Gambling Commission:

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Step 1: Find Out if You Are Eligible To Cash Out

Look before you leap! To ensure that your withdrawal request is not declined, you must first confirm your eligibility to withdraw funds from the concerned fastpay UKGC casino.

Your request may be rejected if any of the following conditions are detected:

Failed Verification

Verification prior to gambling is mandatory at all fast withdrawal casinos licensed by the UKGC. As a minimum, casinos must verify your name, age, and address before you can make your first deposit. For this reason, they carry out automated electronic checks the moment you sign up.

If this check doesn’t go through, you will be required to submit proof of identity and address in the form of valid and legit documents to prove that you are who you claim to be. But, what happens when the electronic check is successful?

You would then be able to deposit and play, but when you are about to withdraw, the casino will normally request additional information to release the funds. This includes documents to prove your identity and address, such as a driving license and utility bill. 

Now, the UKGC says that all casinos, whether they pay out fast or not, must not request this information just when you are about to withdraw, provided they could have reasonably done it earlier.

However, the regulatory authority also says that this requirement doesn’t stop casinos from seeking information which they need to comply with General Regulatory Obligations, including anti-money laundering rules.

These contradictory conditions give fastpay casinos the free pass to let you deposit with just the electronic verification without needing to upload documents immediately.

However, when you are about to withdraw, they will almost always ask for identification documents in the name of mitigating money laundering and terrorist financing risks.

If the verification process fails, your withdrawal request will be denied, but your funds will remain secure in your account and can be cashed out once verification is completed. 

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Breached Bonus Rules

Please be aware that the UK Gambling Commission has implemented pretty lenient rules regarding the withdrawal of deposited funds and winnings made from such funds for players at licensed fast-payout casinos.

This means that you have the freedom to withdraw your own money whenever you wish, even if there is an active or pending casino bonus in your account. However, this also means that if you haven't met the wagering requirements for the bonus, you must normally forfeit the bonus as well as any winnings made from playing with it.

This is because the UKGC's regulations state that licensed fast-paying casinos may enforce wagering requirements for the withdrawal of bonus winnings.

The term ‘own money’ means the following:

  • Your unstaked deposits (the deposit balance and applicable bonus balance are always displayed separately in UKGC casinos)
  • Winnings made using your own funds
  • Bonus funds that have met necessary wagering requirements
  • Winnings made with bonus funds, where the bonus has been wagered as specified

In contrast, fastpay online casinos licensed in other jurisdictions may require you to meet the wagering requirements of the active casino bonus to cash out even your deposited funds. 

However, if a bonus was claimed and the wagering requirement was fulfilled (which would make it your own money), you would only be paid out the funds if there was no breach in the bonus terms and conditions. This is true for UKGC-licensed as well as non-UKGC-licensed fast payout casinos.

For instance, while wagering a bonus, the rules may say that you aren’t allowed to play certain games, bet more than a certain amount or play in a certain way that’s deemed unfair to the casino.

If you don’t follow these rules, it will be considered a breach. Therefore, please ensure that you read the bonus terms and conditions thoroughly before making a withdrawal request.

Use of Your Account by Multiple Players

If another person uses your casino account with or without your consent, the licensed fast pay casino may refuse to cash you out. You should be the sole owner and user of your casino account.

Having multiple active players for the same account is considered Prohibited Conduct. Violating this condition can even lead to the closure of your account and confiscation of your funds.

Opening More Than One Account for the Same Brand

Deliberately or accidentally opening and operating more than one account with the same brand is another Prohibited Conduct at all online casinos, including those with fast withdrawals. It is possible for a casino to decline your cash-out request if multiple accounts are detected.

Unfortunately, most players realize this only when they request their first withdrawal. Despite the rigorous identity and address verification requirements set by the UKGC, which make it extremely difficult to open two accounts at a single licensed fast-payout casino, it's not entirely impossible for it to occur.

Association of Multiple Accounts to Your IP

At many fast withdrawal casinos, the creation of multiple accounts per household is prohibited to discourage players from exploiting multiple bonus offers by registering multiple accounts with different names.

The casino is capable of detecting and recording the IP address associated with each account. Therefore, if two different accounts are identified using the same IP address, the casino's system will flag this as suspicious activity.

Even if two individuals from the same household unintentionally use the same IP address, it would still be a violation of the casino's policy. Consequently, the casino may withhold payouts.

Use of VPN to Access the Casino

Suppose you reside in a region where the fast payout casino's operations are not authorised or in areas where the casino does not cater to clients. In that case, using a VPN to mask your location might prompt the casino to hold your funds when you try to withdraw them.

The act of using a VPN is considered another Prohibited Conduct at many UK online casinos with fast withdrawals. You might leverage VPNs to access bonus promotions or features on casino games that are not permitted for UK residents. Additionally, you might use it to conceal the fact that multiple individuals from the same household are playing at the same casino.

To comply with the regulations set by the Gambling Commission, a licensed fastpay casino typically only permits the use of a VPN if you are a registered UK resident attempting to access the casino from a location where it is prohibited.

However, it's important to confirm this with the casino's customer support team via live chat and explain the reason for using a VPN. This way, you can ensure that you are abiding by the casino's policies while also protecting your online privacy and security.

Payment Account Registered in Someone Else’s Name

When depositing funds into a fast withdrawal online casino, it's important to use a payment account that is registered in your name.

If you use an account that belongs to someone else, any winnings you receive may be taken away, and the deposit returned to the original payment holder. Additionally, the casino may close your account.

Similarly, if you try to withdraw funds through a payment method that doesn't belong to you, your withdrawal request will surely be declined. The casino will further seek an explanation as to why you choose that payment account.

However, in this case, your winnings will not be confiscated. They will remain in your casino account until you make a withdrawal to a payment account registered in your name.

Use of a Different Payment Method for Deposit and Withdrawal

Typically, withdrawals at online casinos must be requested to the same payment method that was used to make the initial deposit. This is regardless of whether the casino is fast pay or otherwise and whether it’s licensed by the UKGC or some other gambling regulator.

This is part of the closed-loop policy which casinos must uphold to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing as well as to protect players whose financial details have been compromised or bank cards stolen.

Therefore, when you try to withdraw to a different payment method other than the one you used for deposits, your request will not be processed. There are, however, exceptions to this rule. For instance, if you deposit via Pay By Phone, you will be able to withdraw using a different payment method as the former doesn’t allow withdrawals.

Incorrect Account Information

As already mentioned, UKGC fast withdrawal casinos will carry out verification checks before allowing you to gamble. So, the chances of your personal information on the account being incorrect are slim.

Yet, it may so happen that there is a change in the information you provided. For instance, you decided to move place within the UK, changed your surname post-marriage, or made a correction in your identification documents.

In such cases, the existing information will be considered inaccurate. If the casino is made aware of such inaccuracy, they may refuse your withdrawal request until everything is reverified. 

Detection of Suspicious Activity

Suspicious gambling activities at quick-paying UKGC casinos include, but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Gambling with funds acquired illegally or from illegal activities.
  • Staking money beyond your means.
  • Exhibiting unusual betting patterns with minimal financial risk and a near guarantee of return.
  • Depositing money, never gambling with it, and eventually withdrawing it.
  • Staking a large amount of money and accepting a certain level of losses regularly.
  • Placing small bets frequently in a way that the overall annual spend is out of balance.
  • Staking large amounts of money in a currency, the source of which cannot be explained.
  • Gambling so much that it poses a significant commercial risk to the casino.

If a licensed fastpay casino detects any of the above, it will want to know the source of your funds, which you must prove through your bank statements, payslips, and other similar documents. If you fail to explain the same, your withdrawal request will be declined and your winnings confiscated.

Initial Deposit Never Wagered

As mentioned in the previous section, funding your casino account with money, never gambling with it, and eventually withdrawing can be considered suspicious activity. You must stake the money at some game and wager the deposited funds at least once so when you request a withdrawal, it won’t be rejected.

Please note that fast withdrawal casinos that aren’t licensed by the Gambling Commission may have all or some of these additional criteria for rejecting withdrawals:

  • Underage gambling
  • Having an active bonus which isn’t fully wagered
  • Crossing maximum withdrawal limits

Luckily, such instances are nearly non-existent at their UKGC peers. The mandatory age verification right at sign-up keeps underage gambling at bay. Also, there is the freedom to withdraw your own funds even with an active bonus that isn’t wagered.

Furthermore, the UKGC says that you can withdraw all your deposit balance in one go, which means that quick payout casinos by themselves cannot place a maximum limit on withdrawals. Of course, there can be limits set by the payment methods, but that’s a different story!

Please note that if it’s a UKGC casino and there’s a problem with withdrawal, the Gambling Commission does not have access to your account and cannot help you. But you can complain directly to the fast withdrawal casino to figure out what the problem is.

In a way, this means that while UKGC has a rule in place limiting casinos from withholding withdrawals unnecessarily, the latter can still do it. However, if they do so wrongfully and the UKGC finds out about it, they can be heavily fined for breaching licensing terms.

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Step 2: Go to the Cashier/Banking Page

After making sure you’re eligible for a cashout, go to the casino’s cashier or banking page, which will show you all the methods available for withdrawal.

This information can be on the same page as that for deposits or a different tab on the same page or a different page altogether. Simply browse the fast pay online casino to locate it.

Step 3: Select Your Withdrawal Method

Once you’ve found the cashier/banking page, pick your withdrawal method. At the risk of repeating, we’re reminding you yet again that you must select the same banking method for withdrawal using which you deposited funds into your casino account.

However, if you deposited with something like Pay by Phone that doesn’t support withdrawals, you can choose a different withdrawal method. For speedy payouts, we suggest you withdraw using instant banking methods like Trustly or e-wallets such as Payz, AstroPay, Skrill, Neteller or PayPal.

Because we are discussing payment speed, let’s also discuss how the commonly found withdrawal methods at fast cashout casinos fare against each other:

While it’s unlikely, a fast withdrawal casino may or may not charge a withdrawal fee, which may or may not vary according to the withdrawal method. We have discussed this topic in detail in our article titled “Deposit and Withdrawal Fees: What You Need to Know.”

If at all a fee is applicable, it would be mentioned against each withdrawal method. Also, there might be an additional fee from the payment provider, which is beyond the casino’s control. For instance, your bank might be charging one. 

It’s also worth remembering that the withdrawal processing time of fast payout casinos is different from the payment provider’s transaction time. The casinos cannot control the latter.

If you have used multiple banking methods to fund your account, the fast pay casino may ask you to split your winnings between these accounts. You will either be notified after you request a withdrawal or the casino will do it for you.

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Step 4: Enter the Amount You Wish To Withdraw

It’s now time to enter the amount you want to cash out!

A fast cashout casino licensed by the UKGC cannot specify a maximum withdrawal limit. There can be absolutely no daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly limits, whatsoever on withdrawals of your own funds.

For this reason, such casinos will let you make withdrawals up to your current available balance. However, there are certain conditions, which are listed below:

  • All payments in your account have been confirmed as cleared.
  • No charge-back, reversal, or cancellation has been detected.
  • All verification checks have been done to the casino’s satisfaction.
  • There is no ongoing investigation into errors and malfunctions on the sites.
  • The casino isn’t required by law to withhold your funds.

Also, remember that the UKGC hasn’t said anything about a minimum deposit limit. So, don’t be surprised if you find one on your fast withdrawal casino of choice.

Additionally, there can be a maximum limit per request set by the payment provider you choose, which you cannot exceed. In such a case, you must withdraw the money in parts by making several withdrawal requests or contact the casino’s customer support if you wish to cash out the entire amount in one go.

Step 5: Request a Withdrawal

Now that you know how much money to withdraw and in how many instalments, go ahead with the withdrawal request. This route of money transfer will differ only slightly depending on the payment method you choose.

In most cases, you will pick the same method you used for deposits, which means all the required details will be already saved in your casino account. If so, all you have to do is confirm your withdrawal request.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • AstroPay: withdrawal with phone number
  • Apple Pay: withdrawal with a passcode
  • Payz: withdrawal with the registered email
  • Instant Banking: withdrawal to your bank account
  • Maestro: withdrawal to your bank account
  • MasterCard: withdrawal to your bank account
  • MuchBetter: withdrawal with your phone number
  • Neteller: withdrawal with the registered email
  • PayPal: withdrawal with the registered email
  • Paysafe: withdrawal with the registered email
  • Skrill: withdrawal with the registered email
  • Trustly: withdrawal to your bank account
  • Visa: withdrawal to your bank account

Step 6: Furnish Verification Documents if Required

You may wonder why a UKGC fast payout casino might need to verify you just when you are about to withdraw money. After all, it shouldn’t be the case as per the Gambling Commission’s rules. This is because KYC (Know Your Customer) cannot be a one-time process in practicality.

For this reason, you need to be prepared to furnish documents that prove your identity and address anytime upon request, especially, if you haven't done so during the sign-up process at the casino or at any later point.

Additionally, a casino might also ask you for documents that prove your banking details and source of funds to determine if you should be allowed to cash out.

If verification documents are needed, the fast withdrawal casino will let you know by e-mail and possibly via a notice on your account. 

Step 7: Wait for the Casino to Process Your Withdrawal Request

Once you have placed a withdrawal request and furnished the required verification documents if any, the casino will begin to process your funds. The fastest withdrawal casinos will, of course, have the quickest processing time compared to other casino sites.

The wait time will vary from an instant to 24 hours. No wonder terms like ‘instant withdrawals,’ ‘under-1-hour withdrawals’ and ‘same-day withdrawals’ are popular among UK punters who can’t wait to meet their money.

The casino’s processing time for withdrawals has nothing to do with the transaction time taken by the payment methods. This is why even though regular UKGC casinos may offer similar payment options as fastpay casinos, their primary difference will always be in the promptness at which they release funds.

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Step 8: Receive the Payment

Once the casino processes your withdrawal request, the funds will be transferred to your chosen payment method. Depending on what this is, you may or may not be notified when the money is credited to your payment account. Make sure to double-check that the amount you received matches the amount you withdrew.


Can I reverse a withdrawal request?

Withdrawal requests at fast paying UKGC casinos cannot be reversed or cancelled. According to the Gambling Commission, this feature is detrimental to gamblers, especially if they have problem gambling tendencies.

Can I withdraw erroneous winnings?

Erroneous winnings are the winnings a casino pays out by mistake. Most casinos will reverse such winnings. However, if, for any reason, you are able to withdraw the money, the casino will ask you to repay it promptly. If you don’t, an amount equal to the withdrawn winnings will be deducted from your remaining funds or on your next deposit.

Will I be charged if I withdraw all my funds in one go?

The UKGC says that you cannot be charged extra if you wish to withdraw all your deposit balance in one go. However, if any applicable fee on the withdrawal was already mentioned in the casino’s terms and conditions, it would be deducted. Also, any fee charged by the payment provider would still be deducted.

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