ecoPayz Rebrands as Payz: Know What’s Changed

Ecopayz rebrands to Payz

In a significant move, ecoPayz, the renowned international digital payment solutions provider, announced its rebranding on May 10, 2023.

After more than two decades of proving itself as a trusted name in the fintech industry and serving online casino operators and players, the company will now be known as Payz.

Expect to find this name on the cashier pages of all fast-withdrawal casinos in the UK. This rebranding initiative aims to establish Payz as a leader in the ever-evolving payment services landscape.

With a strong focus on facilitating instant, secure, and convenient transactions, Payz is set to introduce enhanced features and a future-proof business model in the near future.

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Originally launched as the EcoCard platform back in 2000, the company later rebranded as ecoPayz while maintaining its commitment to delivering comprehensive payment services.

Over the years, ecoPayz has expanded its global footprint and become a trusted e-wallet among businesses and individuals.

The company's popularity among online casino players in particular is a testament to its wide availability and innovative features.

In 2021, ecoPayz underwent a refresh, offering a simple, easy-to-navigate and user-friendly website along with an advanced yet intuitive mobile version.

The recent rebranding brings further changes, including a new brand name and logo.

What’s in a Name?

The brand-new name, Payz, combines ‘payment’ with ‘ease.’ It represents the company's commitment to simplifying digital transactions for its users.

Alongside the rebranding, Payz has also introduced a refreshed logo as its visual identity, embodying modernity and sophistication while reinforcing the company's core values.

Keeping Pace with the Changing Industry

The decision to rebrand as Payz stems from the need to adapt to the rapidly evolving digital payments industry.

Recognising that the landscape has transformed beyond recognition, Payz is determined to introduce a simple, direct and to-the-point way to send and receive money.

While specific details have not been disclosed yet, the company assures its users that simplicity, transparency, and a human touch will remain core values.

The rebranding seems to be a bold step towards a future where digital payments are effortless, intuitive, and truly reflective of the evolving needs of users worldwide.

Consistency is Key

It is worth noting that the business model of processing international payments in over 50 currencies will remain unchanged.

The coming months are expected to bring exciting new products and features as Payz strives to enhance the user experience.

While the website address has changed, user accounts and login details are the same, ensuring a seamless transition for existing customers.

Under the slogan ‘one wallet, no borders,’ Payz should undoubtedly provide online casino players with the ultimate payment experience.

Looking Ahead

As ecoPayz embraces its new identity as Payz, the company is poised to lead the way in the ever-evolving world of payment solutions.

With its long-standing reputation for instant, safe, and convenient services, Payz is well-positioned to offer enhanced features and a future-proof business model.

By prioritising simplicity, transparency, and a human touch, Payz aims to provide a seamless payment experience to businesses and individuals around the globe.

In the forthcoming months, users can anticipate an even more advanced and user-friendly platform, solidifying Payz's position as a trusted name in the digital payments industry.

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