Drops & Wins Slots: A Deep Dive Into Their Mechanics

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When it comes to online slot gaming, finding novel ways to increase player engagement and excitement is paramount. This is where Drops & Wins slots by Pragmatic Play come into play. 

While these are regular slots on the surface, they are also eligible for exclusive promotions run by the game developer. These promotions include random prize drops that create unexpected winnings, as well as competitive tournaments where the excitement intensifies as players vie for cash prizes. 

As a player, this means you have multiple opportunities to boost your winnings, all while enjoying some of Pragmatic Play’s most engaging and entertaining slot games.

How Drops & Wins Slots Work: Participating and Winning

Drops & wins slots

Drops & Wins slots are known for their regular promotions, offering players a chance to play slots for real money and win additional money on top of what the slot already pays. These promotions are hosted as daily prize drops and weekly tournaments. To partake, all you need to do is play the slots eligible for the current promotion while adhering to set minimum bet limits. 

Pragmatic Play designs these promotions to run for extended periods, ensuring players have ample opportunities to participate and win.

For instance, between April 5th, 2023, and March 6th, 2024, Pragmatic Play has allotted approximately £30 million in additional prizes through prize drops and tournaments. 

This promotional period encompasses 336 days of daily prize drops and 48 weeks of 7-day long tournaments, making Drops & Wins slots a thrilling gaming proposition for any UK player.

Prize Drops

Prize Drops form the unique allure of Drops & Wins slots. These are additional rewards, over and above the regular slot payouts, that can be won (dropped) randomly when spinning the reels.

To be eligible, you need to place a minimum bet of a specific amount. Each day has a maximum limit for the number of prize drops, but except for this, there's no limit on the number of drops a player can win. It’s all up to chance. 

The prize drops come in different tiers, meaning some random drops reward more money than others. 

For example, there may be a daily prize pool of £35,000 allocated where you could win a daily top prize of £2,500 and where up to 1,500 prize drops could occur per day. To participate, all you would need is to spin the reels with a minimum bet of £0.5. 


Drops & Wins slots aren't just about random prize drops. They also host enthralling tournaments where players compete on a leaderboard for weekly prizes. 

The rules can vary from one tournament to another, but common win conditions include achieving the highest single coin win and completing in-game challenges to earn leaderboard points. 

Some of these challenges may require you to earn points for every net positive win, achieve points for consecutive game rounds that result in a net loss, or earn points for every big win made. 

The point calculation for a big win is usually based on the multiplicative value of the win divided by the stake. For instance, a £20 win with a £1 bet would be a 20x multiplicative win. 

A typical weekly prize pool could be £250,000, with a first-place finish rewarding £25,000, and up to 10,000 places being paid in total. 

The full rules of each prize drop and tournament, along with tournament leaderboards, can always be found by launching a slot that is included in the Drops & Wins promotion. This makes it easy to stay informed and strategize your gameplay to optimize your chances of winning.

Eligible Slots

It's important to note that not all slots from Pragmatic Play are eligible for each Drop and Win promotion. The eligible slots can vary from one to another, adding a layer of variety and excitement. 

The easiest way to find out which games apply is to play at a casino site that highlights Drops and Wins. By exploring the promotion in the casino’s promotional section or looking out for a drops and wins category in the casino's game selection, you can find the full rules and the eligible slots. 

Are Drops and Wins Just for Slots?

While the Drops and Wins promotions are predominantly known for their association with slots, they aren't exclusively limited to them. Pragmatic Play also extends these exciting promotions to their live casino games. This means that whether you're a fan of slots or prefer the authentic atmosphere of live casino gaming, you can enjoy the thrill of unexpected winnings and competitive tournaments through Drops and Wins promotions.

Where Can I Play Drops and Wins Slots?

The beauty of Drops and Wins slots lies in their wide availability. These games can be found at any online casino that partners with Pragmatic Play. This includes many of the top-rated fast withdrawal casinos that we recommend.

Many such casinos have a dedicated section for eligible Drops and Wins slots within their game selection, and promote the Drops and Wins campaign under their promotional section. 

However, even if a particular casino doesn't explicitly promote it, as long as they host Pragmatic Play slots, you can still participate in the Drops and Wins campaign. This is because the campaign is run by the provider, not the casino, giving you ample opportunities to participate no matter where you choose to play.

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Why Is Pragmatic Play Running Drops and Wins Promotions?

In the fiercely competitive world of online casino gaming, Pragmatic Play is always looking for ways to attract more players to their games. The Drops and Wins promotions are a strategic initiative in this direction. 

These promotions offer additional excitement and engagement for players while giving back to the gaming community through the additional prizes offered. 

This unique combination of increased player interest and a higher potential for winnings makes Drops and Wins promotions a win-win scenario for both Pragmatic Play and the players.

Do the Prize Drops Affect the RTP of the Slot Machines?

RTP, or Return to Player, is a fundamental concept in slot gaming that indicates the percentage of stakes a slot machine is programmed to return to players over time. A common question among players is whether prize drops affect the RTP of the slot. The answer is no. 

The RTP of the slot remains the same, regardless of whether a prize drop promotion is running or not. The prize drops are simply extra prizes added on top of the slot's normal payouts. This effectively increases the slot's RTP for the player, adding an additional layer of winning potential without affecting the base game mechanics.

Are Drops and Wins Prizes Instantly Cashable?

Yes. One of the standout features of the Drops and Wins promotions is the instant cashability of the prizes. If you win money from a prize drop or a tournament, it doesn't come with any wagering requirement. 

This means you can cash out your winnings immediately, adding to the appeal and convenience of these promotions. This feature sets Drops and Wins promotions apart from many others, where the prizes or bonuses might come with specific wagering requirements before you can withdraw them.

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Do Tournaments and Prize Drops Run Simultaneously?

Yes, Tournaments and Prize Drops in Drops and Wins promotions typically run simultaneously. This dual-layered approach means that while you're focused on climbing the leaderboard in a tournament, you also stand a chance of landing a random prize drop, and vice versa. 

This simultaneous running of events enhances the excitement and potential for winnings in Drops and Wins slots, making every spin an opportunity for an additional reward.

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