Slot & Live Casino Races Running 24/7
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Casino races with varying rules and prize pools are running at all times.
Prize pools can vary from £10,000 up to £50,000 with 100 places paid.
A common rule is that players score points based on how much they win in relation to their stake.
All races are free to enter. Cash prizes won are instantly handed out and require no wagering.
Withdrawal time: Instant - 1 hour
18+, gamble responsibly,
Terms and conditions apply.

Casino Races

At PokerStars Casino, all players have an opportunity to engage in exciting Casino Races and potentially win huge cash prizes. We have taken a closer look at this promotion to help you understand all that it entails and how you can benefit from it.

Overview of the Promotion

PokerStars Casino Races are ongoing competitions where players can win various prizes. Participation is free and both slot machines and live casino games can be played to compete.

Eligible games will vary from one race to another. So will the prizes which can range from cash rewards to free spins and bonuses. Some of the biggest races come with £50,000 in prize pools with £5,000 being awarded to the winner.

Several races can run simultaneously and at least one is always active at all times.

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Eligibility and Participation

Any player at PokerStars can participate in the Casino Races. To do so, you must opt-in to the race you want to participate in via the Casino Race lobby found in the menu of the casino section of the website.

After registration, participants can place bets in eligible games in order to score leaderboard points. Each race has a time limit and only bets placed within the race period will qualify for points.

The races can have different rounds involving a maximum number of spins on slots or game rounds played on live casino games. In races with multiple rounds, only the highest round score gets applied to the leaderboard.

The specific rules for each race, including minimum stake, maximum spins, and the number of paid prize positions vary, so it's important to always check the rules for each individual race.

Earning Leaderboard Points

While rules can vary from one race to another, earning leaderboard points is normally done in one of the two following ways:

  • 10 points earned per net £0.01 won in a casino race round.
    For instance, you wager a total of £100 during the race round and win a total of £200. The net win would be £100 which would earn you 10,000 points. With this rule, only players that have made a net profit during a race round will end up on the leaderboard. If you ended up with a net loss, you receive no points.
  • The amount won on a spin or game round divided by the stake used and multiplied by 100.
    For instance, if you spin on a slot with £1 and win £10, your win would be 10 times bigger than your stake. This is now multiplied by 100 to earn you 1,000 points.

Both sets of rules are quite fair and appeal to all types of players regardless if they are low-stake gamblers or high rollers. It could be argued that bigger bets are favorable with the first rule, but bigger bets also mean bigger losses.

With the second rule, stake doesn't play any part at all since it all has to do with the amount you win compared to your bet. Thus, a player betting a few cents per spin is able to beat someone betting the maximum, as long as the minimum bet of the casino race is met.

Rewards and Redemptions

Rewards from Casino Races are diverse. They can be pure cash prizes, free spins, or bonus money. Cash prizes have no withdrawal restrictions or wagering requirements, which is excellent for players looking for immediate rewards.

Winnings from free spins will be awarded as either cash or bonus money after all spins have been played. This can vary from one race to another. However, the spins themself will have an expiry date which they must be used within.

For any awarded bonus money to become withdrawable cash, a certain number of redemption points must be earned within a certain time period or else the bonus money is forfeited. Such redemption points are earned by wagering money on slots and live casino games. The rate at which redemption points are earned will vary depending on a game's RTP.

Determining Winners

Winners of a Casino Race are determined by a player’s position on the leaderboard at the end of the race. In case of a tie, the player with the highest number of spins recorded during the Casino Race gets the higher position. If this doesn't resolve the tie, the player who registered for the race first will win.

Game Interruptions

In case a game is interrupted during a Casino Race, restored hands or spins won't count towards points for that Casino Race. However, winnings from that game will be credited as usual once the interrupted game is resolved.

What We Think

We absolutely love PokerStars' casino races and think it's one of the best tournaments that players can participate in at UK casinos with fast withdrawals. The prize pools are big and enticing and so are the rules as they don't favour any particular group of players. Of course, if you're a high roller you may find this to be a letdown as competitions where big bets equal a higher chance of winning would be more profitable.

We also love the fact that many casino races are for live casino games as competitions like these often only run for slots. We find them to be a superb way of getting an extra chance of winning money while playing games you might play anyway and they also add an extra bit of spice and excitement to the gambling experience.

Remember, gambling should always be done responsibly. Ensure you understand all the terms and conditions before you engage in a promotion, and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

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